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Book Review - The Tractor Trailer Book


This book was presented in an orderly fashion with the Author delivering content as structured by a routine driving day. Presentation was organized.


Comprehensive coverage of day to day driving activities. Mostly geared towards local drivers, but gems throughout for all. Good content and materials.


Paperback represents good value for money. E-book also is a great value. Great info for what you pay for. Valuable tips and tricks.


This book contains wonderful illustrations of what the author is conveying. In addition, the author has great video resources available as well.

Summary: Packed with helpful tips and tricks, Jimmy Cox's more than 15 years of driving experience will help the new driver as well as the aspiring driver to become a true professional. This book takes you through a driver's typical day from start to finish. In addition, as you work your way through the book many gems are imparted on you so you will avoid many rookie mistakes. This book will come in handy to use as reference guide as you earn your way up to a seat in a Big Rig. NOTE: Look for my FREE Bonus that I am adding in when you purchase this book (See below for details)!

What I liked

  • Great Backing Instruction
  • Tons of great tips
  • Clear and informative diagrams and supplemental videos

What I didn't like

  • Sometimes the topic jumps back and forth
  • Focus seems to be more on local than Over the Road
  • No E-book available on Amazon

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This website is geared towards folks like you and I who are interested in the Trucking Career and are also new to being a professional truck driver. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of great information that is concise or thorough and contained within one place to provide for aspiring and new drivers to get the information that they need. 

There are many questions that you have when you are trying to learn a new trade or skill and it really helps to have an experienced driver provide some really good tips and tricks. 

It is for this reason that I created this website and am reviewing tools of the Trucker Trade, so you get the most for your money. Read on to find out how this book will help you in that regard.

Who this book is for...

This book is very helpful for the new driver. It is organized by chapter to provide a run down on your typical day of work. You will find many of Jimmy's tips to be invaluable so that you don't make some mistakes that will be costly to you. In addition, this book will serve as a handy reference for you while you are in CDL School as the way Jimmy describes and diagrams his techniques (especially backing maneuvers) is invaluable.

In addition to the CDL student and new driver, this book is also a valued reference if you are a new RV trailer owner. If you are struggling with trying to back your RV trailer into those tight camping spaces, or even backing in general you will find great value in this book.

Finally, if you are a veteran driver you may have already learned the many lessons contained within this book. It may not be for you. There again, it never hurts to constantly improve your craft and pick up useful tips and lessons to that end.​

What the book contains​

As mentioned previously the book lays out your typical day in an orderly fashion. Chapter 1 deals with knowing where you are going prior to getting behind the wheel and leaving the terminal. It stresses the importance of realizing that some areas are typically not designed for large trucks and that you can avoid many headaches by getting to your delivery on the safest and most accessible path.

Chapter 2 deals with ​checking your truck and trailer prior to shift and making sure that everything works properly. While he doesn't cover an entire pre-trip inspection he does provide many useful methods of checking out your equipment and what to look for. The info provided here gives you the reason as to why and how to check certain functions such as the locking pin on the fifth wheel, connecting the air and electrical lines and more.

In Chapt​er 3 the author provides some great tips on shifting a tractor trailer. What RPM's are most useful for upshifting as well as downshifting etc. Great useful advice here...

​Chapter 4 deals with highway driving and Jimmy provides useful advice on many things such as distance from other vehicles, lane changes, and entering and exiting the freeway.

In Chapter 5 you will learn all about city driving and making those deliveries in places where it's sometimes difficult to reach with a big truck and trailer. More tips  for turning in a tighter radius right and left are also given as well as stressing the importance of getting to your location on roads that are accessible.

The next two Chapters (6 and 7) deal with backing basics and backing to the docks. The author does a really good job here of describing how to set the angle and then follow the trailer back. He provides some great diagrams that go along with his descriptions to illustrate his points. He covers many topics like straight backing, parallel parking, and adjusting the track of the trailer. ​In the chapter on backing to the dock he addresses watching for obstacles and the importance of getting out and looking prior to backing. He emphasizes that most accidents can be avoided by going slowly. In addition many more useful diagrams are provided that really illustrate his points and lessons clearly.

Chapter 8 deals with keeping a good attitude and maintaining the proper focus. Good judgement and common courtesy are encouraged as well.​

In Chapter 9 you will learn about unloading, what pitfalls might await you on the docks (Jimmy provides a great personal example of this) in addition to discussing deliveries to Canada. 

In Chapter 10 Jimmy provides some great examples of deliveries that he makes on his route. They provide some fantastic example of real world obstacles and delivery experiences and how to overcome them successfully to make your way to the docks.

The last Chapter (11) deals with ending your day and backing into a truck space. Solid diagrams and examples are provided in this regard.

One of the ​elements that I did not like, but it is understandable due to the way that the book is organized is that several of the Chapters, such as the last one go back into the topic of backing maneuvers. This is not a deal killer in purchasing the book and doesn't majorly detract from what the author is teaching here, but it does make for a skipping back to a topic that was already covered. It does completely make sense though, as again the book is laid out for a typical day and you will be backing at those times.

The Author introduces the book

Let's hear from the author, Jimmy Cox as he introduces us to this book: 

How best to use this book

In my opinion it is best to use this book during CDL school to get real world examples and suggestions as to how to successfully use and understand what you are being taught. In addition, this book would serve as a great reference for the new driver to overcome the obstacles that he or she is facing as a new driver. Re read this book from time to time as it will make more sense as you gain experience.

In addition, as good as this book is... it is no subsitute for actual experience that you will receive. Let it serve as a guide for you and especially as a good learning tool due to the many examples and effective diagrams that are provided.​

What other people are saying

The Tractor Trailer Book is written from the viewpoint of an expert driver passing on to the reader what is most important in the safe operation of a tractor-trailer. The ins and outs of backing is covered in detail, with helpful drawings and explicit instructions. I like the author's attitude, too: it's clear that he knows what he is doing, so he doesn't need to brag on himself, or put down others; instead he simply presents invaluable information yet in a manner that should be accessible to all.

Jim Tuson
Book reader

Currently Im in school part time to improve my truck driving skills and get a commercial drivers license. This book has helped me a lot. I found out about this book when I saw the authors videos on you tube. I recommend this book to other students

Book reader

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