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Book Review - Becoming A Truck Driver


This book was presented in an understandable fashion following the typical career progression through school, job types, first employer and dealing with career ups and downs.


Excellent content! The author shares his vast experience through oftentimes hilarious descriptions that will have you laughing, empathizing and shaking your head.


Great value for the money and some of the experiences shared are worth more than the price of admission.


The author emphasizes his points with actual examples and stories that help to illustrate the point he is try to make.

Summary: If you ever wondered about the world of Truck Driving, or were considering it as a career and wanted the truth told to you in a bold, and no holds barred fashion...then this is the book for you! It should be required reading for anyone thinking about embarking on a career behind the wheel of a big rig. Raw, entertaining, vivid stories and examples and some real gems imparted from an author who has over 15 years of behind the wheel experience and over a million and a half miles to go along with it. This books tells you the raw truth about Trucking. 

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  • True and Candid account of Author's experience
  • Very entertaining stories that back up Author's points
  • A wealth of helpful tips and advice
  • Author can sometimes go on a tangent (Although descriptive)

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This website is geared towards folks like you and I who are interested in the Trucking Career and are also new to being a professional truck driver. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of great information that is concise or thorough and contained within one place to provide for aspiring and new drivers to get the information that they need.

There are many questions that you have when you are trying to learn a new trade or skill and it really helps to have an experienced driver provide some really good tips and tricks.

It is for this reason that I created this website and am reviewing tools of the Trucker Trade, so you get the most for your money. Read on to find out how this book will help you in that regard.

Who this book is for

There is no doubt that this book would be perfect reading for anyone ever contemplating getting into the Trucking Industry. It is written in such a way that you will understand most of the pitfalls and challenges prior to setting foot inside a truck, trucking school, or employer's office. In addition this book will also benefit the new driver who is looking to survive training, hiring on with their first company and getting along with dispatch.

What the book contains

This book is really a great collection by the Author of things that he has learned throughout his vast career on the road. The book really is entertaining and you will find yourself laughing at some of the predicaments that come about on this journey/adventure of truck driving.

The book starts out with the Author's unlikely and odd way of stumbling onto this career by coincidence. It follows his reasoning of embarking on this decision and even shows a creative way of financing his school (hint: it pays to have people that area supportive of you in life)

The next portion of the book goes into trucking schools and what type are available. The author gives some good insight into a selection between private schools and company sponsored schools as well as some things to watch out for when selecting either. He gives some brief descriptions of what topics you will learn in school. He then gives his humorous account of getting hired very fresh, like in just finishing his cdl school.

Types of jobs: Over the road, regional and local are all then discussed, with examples of pros and cons. He then further looks at the types of freight that you might find yourself hauling such as: Dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, tankers, dump trucks and doubles and triples.

The author gives some great tips and advice on choosing your first company to begin with. He gives great advice for married people, single people, different company sizes advantages and disadvantages. Best of all he gives you two key sets of people to contact to verify some things to make sure you have picked a solid choice for a good fit for you.

The book then progresses through getting trained on the road, and what to do when you are finally cut loose on your own. He gives some very humorous stories of some scary wrong turns and handling dealing with driving into and delivery in New York City.

The next portion of the book deals with what will make or break your career with your new employer and the key person whom you need to ​deal with. Lots of great tips, info, and tried and true techniques are given for assistance in this area. 

Rules and what all goes into enforcing them are next. The Author gives very real examples and shows how difficult it is to tow the line between compliance and getting the job done. He gives his position and states consequences. He leaves it up to you to figure out where you will fit in amongst this quagmire.

The book continues with more helpful advice on such things as Tractor assignment, getting repairs done, competition, and handling customers outside of your company. All very useful information. More details follow regarding routing and electronics used in trucking for both utilitarian purposes and also to entertain you while on the road.

How to best use the book

First like I mentioned before, it would be helpful to purchase a copy in advance so you should know what you are in for regarding this career. As you progress through your career it will serve as a useful guide on surviving and making your new trucking career a success. Make notes, and dog ear pages because this is a great resource to have.

What other people are saying

This book has been rated on Amazon many times with favorable ratings (average of 4.3 stars)

From start to finish, Brett Aquila does a fantastic job of breaking down what it takes to start in a career in trucking. Even if you decide it's not for you, you can't go wrong reading this book! It's refreshing to hear the truth told in a positive way!

Tarren J Williams
Book Reader

The author of this book, Brett Aquilla, answered every question I had about becoming a Truck Driver - and then some. He opened my eyes to what I need to look for and to know what is truly available. * This is a book full of information that is well worth the minimal cost. * Loved it! * Thank you! Patty

Patty Mytnick 
Book Reader

Formats Available

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